Dream On Electro Goodness

A selection of Dreamy Electro Goodness creates this Spotify playlist. Some old favourites of mine including Sia's Breathe Me along with Mandalay's Deep Love off their album Instinct. I've also included a couple of 'fresh finds' including Biig Piig's 24K and Honeycola by Ben Stevenson which is a beautiful track with dreamy vocals taking us on an electro journey. And as I love to share my own music for you guys, I'm  including You are a Space in my Heart that I recorded in Dusseldorf with the fabulous Lutz Boddenberg and For the Love of You with the wonderful PFL. Any suggestions for future playlists would be most welcome! Please email me through my website: www.juliamessenger.com Oh! And don't forget to press 'FOLLOW' on my playlist if you'd like to hear more music finds like this!

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