Title: And We Danced
Artist: Julia Messenger
Label: Threespace
Release Year: 2007

1.So Complicated
2.And We Danced
3.Fly Bird
5.I Miss You
6.Nothing Short of Loving You
7.Another Option
8.Sixth Sense
9.Rainy Day
10. I Confes
Title: Productions & Collaborations
Artist: Julia Messenger
Label: Threespace
Release Year: 2007

1 Do You Know I Sing Your Song (w. PFL)
2 For The Love Of You (w. PFL)
3 A Space in my Heart (w. Lutz Boddenberg)
4 Operation Two-Time (w. Jesus&Judas)
5 Telepathy (by JM w Thorsten Vogel)
6 Shiver (by JM w. Lutz Boddenberg)
7 What You Can't See (By JM)
8 Planet (w. PFL)
9 Follow with the Sun (w. Soul G& Tony Match)
10 Bird On A Wire (w. PFL)
11 Butterflies (by JM)
12 Set In Stone (w. PFL)
“Dazzling Australian Julia Messenger offers not one, but two electrifying new albums. Her riveting electro-pop features hypnotic production and breathtaking vocals. These chill sounds pack infinite heat. Songs such as "Shiver," on "Productions & Collaborations," tend toward a sensually down-tempo feel. "Butterflies" floats with magical airiness. The title track of "And We Danced" rides a throbbing bass line into a keenly poetic examination of shattered relationships. Messenger's music entices with addictive allure.”
Paul Freeman, Entertainment Writer Jul 15, 2007
Palo Alto Daily News, California
Title: Julia Messenger Live @ Bennetts Lane
Artist: Julia Messenger
Label: SkipSister
Release Year: 2011

1.Why Don't You Do Right
3.The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
4.Padam Padam
5.Forbidden Fruit
6.Soul Of Suspicion
7.Feel Like Makin' Love
8.Talk To Me
9.Fields of Gold
11. Goodbye My Lover
12. Surabaya Johnny
13. Feeling Good

'This latest CD is her "first ever live album". I'm playing it right now, as I write this. 'Why Dont You Do Right' has me adding sassy and seductive to the description of her voice. While in 'Skylark' that voice is as smooth as King Island cream. Her rendition of 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face', had me reaching for the replay button. Julia's talent is well and truly up to the task of Edith Piaf's 'Padam Padam'... so gutsy! Perhaps I'll play that one again as well!
In addition to these classic songs, dotted through the album, her own songs create a fusion of her electronic songwriting and the strains of the jazz band. All together- uber cool.
Julia produced, mixed and mastered the CD herself at her own studio in Melbourne. Hopefully this won't be the last time that she produces a CD with this quality of jazz vibe. Go to Julia's website to sample some of the album for yourself. There's also a great interview on her home page.'

Title: Pure Chill Out – the definitive down-tempo collection
Label: Water Music/Universal UTV Records (Universal Music Enterprises)
Distribution: Universal Music USA
Release Year: 2002

1.Rushing - Moby
2.Makes Me Feel - Afterlife
3.Always - Bent
4.Breathing Light - Nitin Sawhney
5.I Miss You - Julia Messenger
6.Enchanted - Delerium
7.Stars - Nightmares On Wax
8.Gloomy Sunday - Heather Nova
9.Aquarius – Waldeck
10.Opium 45 - Moodswings
11.Orbiting Beatnik, The - Julee Cruise
12.I'm Not Joking - Baby Mammoth
13.Edge Of Forever - Phobos
14.Original Bedroom Rockers - Kruder & Dorfmeister
15.Amon Dur - ORG Lounge
16.Squelch - T Spigot
17.Zed & 2 L's, A - Fila Brazillia

Water Music's Pure Chill Out features 17 mellow vocal and instrumental electronic tracks, including Moby's "Rushing," Delerium's "Enchanted," Phobos' "Edge of Forever," and Moodswings' "Opium 45." The inclusion of more trip-hop-oriented tracks -- like Julia Messenger's "I Miss You," Heather Nova's "Gloomy Sunday," and Julee Cruise's "The Orbiting Beatnik" -- make this collection better for more mainstream audiences instead of devotees of underground chilled electronica, but Nightmares on Wax's "Stars," Fila Brazilia's "A Zed & 2 L's," and Kruder & Dorfmeister's "Original Bedroom Rockers" contribute a bit of an edge to the album without making it any less listener-friendly. Nitin Sawhney's "Breathing Light" and Baby Mammoth's "I'm Not Joking" are two more highlights from Pure Chill Out, which offers a pleasant, if not revolutionary, set of relaxing electronic music.
Review by Heather Phares

Title: Ambient Lounge Vol 3.
Label: Globe
Artist: Compilation
Release date: 25/2/2002

CD 1
1. Stephane De Lucia – Pearls Of The Night
2. Basement Jaxx – Being With You
3. Plastyc Buddha – Rhodes Royce
4. Jon Cutler feat. E-Man – It’s Yours (BMR’s Reprise Yourself)
5. Aromabar – Little Brother (Mo Horizons Remix)
6. Soul’n’Soda – El Sol
7. Alphawezen – Into The Stars (Geb.el Rework)
8. The Avalanches – Since I Left You
9. Mr Scruff – Get A Move On
10. Taxi – Yes It’s True
11. Thievery Corporation – The Glass Bead Game
12. Alexkid – Fear In Flight
13. Tiefschwarz – Beautiful Music
CD 2
1. Nitin Sawhney – Sunset (Prophesy Album Version)
2. Kevin Yost – If She Only Knew
3. Ursula Rucker feat. Vicki Miles – Letter To A Sister Friend
4. Vila – Drop
5. Afterlife – Glide
6. De-Phazz feat. Pat Appleton – Anchorless
7. Underworld – Cups (Salt City Orchestra’s Vertical Bacon Vocal)
8. Hacienda – Nord-O.S.T, Groove Armada – “My Friend
9. Blank & Jones - Beyond Time (Ambient Remix)
10. Nightmares On Wax – Les Nuits
11. Yonderboi – Papadam (Paul LÈgËre Mix)
12. PFL W / Julia Messenger – For The Love Of You
13. DJ Pippi pres. Natural Colours – Feel It (Harley & Muscle Deep Mix)

Title: Julia Messenger
Label: Water Music/Universal
Distribution: Universal Music USA
Artist: Julia Messenger
Release Date: 2003

1. I Confess
2. Butterflies
3. I Miss You
4. Another Option
5. Pain
6. What You Can't See
7. Butterflies - (Sipher remix)
8. Telepathy
9. For The Love Of You
10. Shiver
11. The Eagle
12. I Miss You - (radio edit)
13. I Confess - (radio edit)
The New Dido of Chillout has been crowned!
Music Report, USA
Title: Twice In A Blue Moon
Artist: Ferry Corsten
Label: Ultra

1. Shelter Me
2. Black Velvet with Julia Messenger
3. We Belong
4. Gabriella s Sky
5. Made Of Love
6. Radio Crash
7. Twice In A Blue Moon
8. Feel You
9. Life
10. Brain Box
11. Shanti
12. Visions Of Blue
13. New Year's Day - Ferry Corsten Extended Vocal Mix (U2) Listen
Label: Elektrolux
Title: The future is my Melody Vol 1.
Release Year: 1/1/ 2003

Label: Elektrolux - Germany/Europe/World and Milan Records
01. Rescape - Silur X Zeit
02. Naoki Kenji - Under The Surface
03. Fous De La Mer feat. Sol - Never Stop Loving
04. Stereofreund - Roy
05. PFL feat. Julia Messenger - For The Love Of You
06. Zoomin¥ feat. Fay Saphirah - One For Me
07. The Sushi Club - Tsuki (Soul G and Tony Match Remix)
08. Guardner - The Future Is My Melody
09. Naoki Kenji - My Destiny Remix
10. Sniper Mode - Fragile Beauty
11. Jean F. Cochois - Days, Weeks and Years
12. Fous De La Mer feat. Clair Dietrich - Cosmic Lullaby
13. Ruxpin - I Miss You

Label: Elektrolux
Title: The future is my Melody Vol. 2

1. Naoki Kenji - Ecoustic Chapter 3
2. Groovecatcher - After The Rain
3. Fous de la Mer - As I Look Around feat. ÷zlem Cetin
4. Jean F. Cochois - Stories Of "Highfeelin' Times"
5. Aural Float - Him & Her (Chris Wood Re-Edit)*
6. The Sushi Club - Sakura
7. Fresh Moods - Parasol
8. Fous de La Mer - Conmigo feat. Sol Galarreta
9. Naoki Kenji - Let It Flow
10. Jean F. Cochois - Electronique Love
11. Fous De La Mer - Waiting For The Sun
12. PFL - Bird On A Wire feat. Julia Messenger
13. Copshow - Cold Heart Lies
14. Jean F. Cochois - Love Remains

Title: Blue Dubsessions 1
Label: Elektrolux
PFL with Julia Messenger
Release Date: 2003

1. Win D.U.B. feat. HW
2. For The Love Of You feat. Julia Messenger
3. Telephone Girl feat. Aaron Bingle & Toubab
4. Bird On A Wire feat. Julia Messenger
5. Mohinis Dub
6. Tears Running Dry feat. Waldeck (Remix)
7. Live Good Version feat. Ras Milo
8. Airwalk feat. Andy Bolleshon
9. The Foodnezz feat. Rubbersol
10. Gypsy Faith feat. Ras Command
11. Restoration Dub feat. HW
12. Set In Stone feat. Pickadelic & Julia Messenger
Title: Hypersex.code1
Label: Disco Inc.
Artist: Compilation Europe
Release Year: 2005

Science - The Flow
Ian Pooley - Heaven (Tonka's High Pass Mix)
Deep Dish - Flashdance (Club Mix)
Tube & Berger featuring Chrissie Hynde - Straight Ahead
Eric Prydz - Call On Me (JJ Stockholm Club Mix)
Steve Angello - To The Sun
Anthony & Georgio - Equilibrium
DJ Tonka - Happiness
Plastic Park Meets Alexander Purkart - On & On
Steve Angello - Summer Madness
Tony Senghore - Where Is The Love
Men Behind C - Allright Now
Alexander Purkart vs. Noise - Tricky Bones
Mansolo - Everywhere I Go
Soultek with Suri - So Lovely (Soultek's Burning Dub)
Brett Johnson - Temptation & Lies (Tojami Sessions Remix)
HÂkan Lidbo - Dead Space
Crane A.K. - Microdog From Japan
Secondo - It's Okay
The Premature Wig - With Me
[a]pendics.shuffle - Needless
YMC - Moody Traxx 1
Phunkprotectorz - Discostrass
Unai - Young Kiss
The Desktop Discoballs - Fauna Crotesque
Warmdesk - Taurus Rising (With Bells)
Julia Messenger w/ Jesus & Judas - Operation Two-Time (Be Mine Mix)
Unai - Heart Is To The Left
Title: Subzero: The Ultimate Chillout Collection
Label: Water Music/Universal
Release Date: 2002

Disc 1
Amael - Amadeus Tapioka
Divers - Boozoo Bajou
Humanity - A Guy Called Gerald
Glide - Afterlife
Daytime Dramamine - E.D. Swankz
For The Love Of You – Julia Messenger w/ PFL
One Size Fits All - Leggo Beast
On The Air (Theo Dub Mix) - Doctorlive
Utopia (Sunroof Mix) - Goldfrapp
Last Tango In Paris - Gotan Project

Disc 2
Telephon Girl - Jurij, Fe & Aaron
Heaven - Electric Skychurch
Dark Goggles - Baby Mammoth
Oh George - Trance Vision Steppers
Scam - France & Dom
Myami Sumi Version - Julia Messenger Vs Rubbasol
In B Twin Time - Amadeus Tapioka + Step 4
Oslo - Org Lounge
Carpe Noctem - Pulsar Bleu
Barocco Overdose - Chin Chillaz
Opium (45 Degrees Mix) – Moodswings
Label: WEA/Warner Music Germany
Artist: Whirlpool Productions
Title: Lifechange

Release date: 2000
4.Quiet Storm
5.What I See
7.Calm Down Vocals - J. Messenger
8.Slow Burn
9.A Game To Play Vocals - J. Messenger
11.A into Z
12.What's That Sound
13.Hold Your Head Up
Label: Water Music/Universal
Title: Chilled Sirens
Release Date: 2002

1.Ribbon For My Hair, A - Bent
2.Only Love - Cindy Alexander
3.When Francis Speaks - Artefact
4.I Miss You - Julia Messenger
5.Creeper - Kikiwest
6.Like Her - Mandalay
7.Golden - Mim
8.Heaven - Emer Kenny
9.Ave Maria - Aria
10.Beachcomber Voodoo - Julee Cruise
11.Kissing - Bliss
12.Javlar - Slowpho
13.Silence - Delerium/Sarah McLachlan
Title: Excursions: A Journey Into Chillout
Label: Water Music
Release Date: 2002

1.yonderboi - fairy of the lake
2.julia messenger with rubbasol - music makes us feel sexy
3.flunk - magic potion
4.rae and christian - vai viver a vida
5.david grumel - lIfestyle
6.pulsar bleu - during the rain
7.bliss - lost soul
8.dub tractor - slow cushion
9.sunday man - iambic seahorses
10.mind over midi - echo (featuring hilde drange)
11.sinetone - spirit up!
12.slop shop - kleiner man
13.solar moon system - global warming
14.t spigot - with your body
15.slop shop - el angel azul
16.yonderboi – outro

Title: Coffeeshop Vol 4.
Label: Edel Records
Release Date: 2001

CD 1
1. Razoof - Montego bay (trance vision steppers remix)
2. Ocker - Retro-Yuppie
3. De-Phazz - Silky Dreams
4. Area21 - Auch Dr.Phibes Kocht Nur Mit Wasser
5. Julia Messenger w/ PFL - For The Love Of You
6. Megapearls - Trip
7. PFL - Mohinis Dub
8. Chin Chillaz - Konkret
9. Naomi - Get Is In The Box
10. Last Man Standing - Smoke.it (PaternÚ / Iavicoli / Celani)
11. N.bar - Chefiti
12. Audiodrop - 9-52am (kurz-vor-10-mix)
CD 2
1. Chris Zippel - Candy Nights
2. PFL w/ HW - Wind.u.b.
3. Guardner - Low Summer Frequencies
4. Rubbasol - The Foodnezz (serve mix)
5. Cupsurfer - Finishin' The Boat
6. Lemongrass - Journey To A Star
7. George Pallikaris - Vourvourou
8. Autopilot - Solitaire
9. Genuine - Clearing The Past
10. Boozoo Bajou - YMA
11. Fresh Moods - Got To Be
12. Index ID – Tiefe

Title: Melbourne – The Sex, The City, The Music
The world
Label: Petrol Records/Sony
Artist: Compilation
Release Year: 2004

1. Planes - Crackpot
2 I Got To Swing – The PQM Project
3 Blackfoot - The Bamboos
4 Nuttin But A Party - Dirty Laundry
5 4th Floor Fiesta - No Comply
6 Watch Your Back - Royce
7 So Tired - MC Phrase
8 Let You Glow (Feat. Christine Deralas - Lanu
9 Cubano Chant (Ennio Styles Remix) - Shq
10 Take Time Out - Trey
11 Look Up Look Down - Julia Messenger
12 Take Me Inside (Christophe Goze Remix) (Feat. Danni Minogue) - Afterlife

Titel: Ballet III
Label: Rainhorse
Artist: Klaus Schulze

Distribution: Manikan records
Song Title: My Ty She by Klaus Schulze and Julia Messenger
Song Length: (75:39)
Release Year: 2000
Europe and USA

Title: FLOWMOTION - Visual Pleasure Vol.3 DVD
Label: Elektrolux
Artist: Complilation
Format: DVD

1. Best Of Flowmotion 5.0 _ 10.0
2. Guardner _ Distant Link
3. Fous De La Mer _ Vue Sur La Mer
4. Pascal FEOS _ Down To Earth
5. Subtonal _ Deep Sea Divin
6. Groovecatcher _ Never Alone In New York
7. Jean F. Cochois _ Point Lookout
8. Naoki Kenji - Move
9. Gabriel Le Mar _ Jazzy Mid-On
10. Jens Buchert - Reflections
11. PFL w/Julia Messenger _ For The Love Of You
12. Groovecatcher _ After The Rain
13. Naoki Kenji - Under The Surface
14. Phonosynthese - Envelope
15. Gabriel Le Mar - Seaside
16. Audiodrop _Musik Fuehrt
17. ueNN _Life
18. Guardner _ Low Summer Frequencies
19. PFL w/Aaron Bingle & Toubab _ Telephone Girl
20. U.W.E. - Vox ID


Title:Jazzlounge 01.2005
Label: The Jazzlounge
Release Year: 2005

1. Young At Heart - Joss Stone
2. I Love, What You Do For Me - Incognito
3. No Ordinary Love - Chris Botti
4. You Sent Me Flying - Amy Winehouse
5. Private Sunshine - Jazzanova
6. In A Heartbeat (Hird Remix) - Koop
7. North West - De-Phazz
8. Next To You - Bebel Gilberto
9. Do What You Love - J. Boogie
10. Bury Me Standing - Leni Stern
11. Look Up, Look Down - Monotone With Julia Messenger
12. A Time To Remember (Remixed by Osunlade - Grant Green
14. El Amor De Este Pueblo - Frederico Aubele
15. Wind Cries Mary - Jamie Cullum
16. There Comes A Time - Marc Moulin
17. Erinnerung - Klaus Doldinger
11. Apr. 2005 – Inhalt der Sendung: Jazzlounge 01.2005 und 02.2005. ... Sie beginnt recht harmlos und locker mit »Young At Heart« von Joss Stone. ... »Look Up, Look Down« von Monotone With Julia Messenger erscheint dem Hörer dann wie eine gelungene Compiliation der bisher gehörten Compiliation. Der Song hätte sich von daher auch prima als abschließender Titel geeignet.
Liisas Charming Quark
Title: MoonrayLounge Vol. 4
Label: Moonray Records/membrane records
Artist: Compilation
Release Date: 2002

1.andy bolleshon w/pfl – airwalk
2. julia messenger w/ chin chillaz – narcotix
3.pfl – mohinis dub
4.Mario von hacht – mountain
5.moonbootica – boerek
6.marko bokun – travel
7.pre fade listening – free george lingo
8.les deux – haarig
9.pickadelic – poetry
10.chin chillaz w/ It.l-x – on a pg trip
11.pfl w/ sangit family- nrsimha dub

Title: Moonray Lounge Vol. 2
Label: Moonray Records
Release Year: 2001

1.Solar Moon System - Solar Moon (Salz Remix)
2.Phunk Diggaz - Lookin' Beyond
3.Aaron Bingle - Desert Move
4.Salz -Dreamer
5.Razoof - Lambs Bread
6.Razoof - I Just Wanna Thank God (Salz Remix)
7.Trance Vision Steppers - Oh George
8.Pre Fade Listening - Mr. Medicine Man (Phunk Diggaz Remix)
9.Julia Messenger vs Rubbasol - Myami Sumi
10.Chin Chillaz - Barocco Overdose

Album Title: Carharrt - Fusion Forum 2
Label: Groove Attack
Release Year: 2001
Europe and Japan

1.Home Wreckers - Late Night Hype
2.Fellmann + Louise - The more you cry
3.Smoab - My Love
4.Nine Yards Orchestra - Features
5.Lone Catalysts - All so clear
6.Tosca - Honey
7. Markus Worgull feat. Julia Messenger – Havin’ a Dig
8.Vikter Duplaix - Manhood
9. Minus 8 - Snowblind

Album Title: Exclusive Lounge Bars Vol 1 - Anaconda Lounge Label:Electric Lounge
Release Year: 2002

1Un Voyage D'emotions - Das Kontinuum
2.Solid Gold - Coco & The Bean
3.Pie - Frame By Frame
4.Summertime - Comuna De Musica
5.Eggs - Ginkgo
6.Makes Me Feel Real Good - Hayes, Nigel
7.Hammock Harmony – Plastyc Buddha
8.Insight - Blackfish
9.Untitled Love Sequence - Comuna De Musica
10.Listen - Stargazer (1)
11.Frere Mystique - Protassov
12.Look Up Look Down - Monotone & Julia Messenger
13.Master Of Seduction - Deja-Move
14.And Suddenly It's Morning - AKMusique

After one year of hard work eletric-lounge publishes the first Lounge-Bad-CD. The collection is the result of a cooperation between the label, the Anaconda Lounge-team and the Magic Music Lounge. The label touches great importance to the tracklisting: you won't find titles that are published on every second lounge-CD. The collection was compiled by DJ Karem and offers you a mixture of very stylish and fascinating tracks. Well-known artists like Hayes, AKMusique and Stargazer give you a unique and beautiful atmosphere! (c) Electric Lounge

The first in the series is based around the sounds emanating from Dusseldorf`s Anaconda Lounge - a chilled cocktail bar that evolves into a full on party zone at weekends. Downtempo, organic grooves, deep house, lazy soul and broken beats all feature on this warm, funky, evocative compilation, representing the best lounge moves of the moment. (c) Tunes
Title: The Crime of Suspense
Artist: Klaus Schulze
Label: Rainhorse

Distribution: Manikin Records
Release Year: 2000
1: Good Old 4 on the Floor -
Vocals: Julia Messenger, KS (electronics),
Thomas Kagermann (flute, violin)
2: Overchill - Vocals: Julia Messenger

Label: Rainhorse
Artist: Klaus Schulze
Album Title: KS – Essential Extracts (Adds & Edits)

Release Year: 2000
1.Global Medication
2.Windy Times
4.Outer Canal Street
6.What You Deserve
7.Trance 4 Motion
10.Solar Moon
11.MM 3
12.Short Rain
13.MM 6
14.KS/Jay M.D. with Julia Messenger
15.Eleven 2 Eleven

Title: Julia Messenger - Myamisumi - The Remixes
Artist: Julia Messenger
Label: Frankfurt Vinyl/Inandout Records/GUM Recordings/ Salz-Klystron Soundworks

Format: 12" Vinyl
Release Date: 2000
1. Razoof Rmx
2. Rubbasol Rmx
3. Salz Rmx
4. My Bedroom Rmx
Title: ICE
Label: Soulfood

Release Year: 2006
1. Kaif Kun
2. Martini House
3. For the Love of You (Julia Messenger)
4. Shaken Not Stirred
5. Sensan
6. Butterflies (Julia Messenger)
7. Dream
8. Drift
9. Pain (Julia Messenger)
10. Rio
11. Swing
12. Flower
Title: Ole EP
Label: Spectrum Works
Format: 12" Vinyl
Artist: Marcus Worgull feat. Julia Messenger
Europe and Japan
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
A1 Havin' A Dig - Featuring - Julia Messenger
A2 Havin' A Beat
B1 Azteka (Dixon's Alternative Environmix) - Remix - Dixon
B2 Azteka (6:30)

Title: Kyrios
Artist: Thomas Kagermann feat. Julia Messenger
Label: Inakustik

Europe and USA
Release Year: 2001
1.Walhalla - Huter Der Schwelle
2.Walhalla - Asgard
3.Walhalla - Babylon
5.Les Saintes
6.Gloria In Excelsis Deo
7.The Lamb
8.From The West To The East To The West
9.Krystos Anesti - Opening
10.Krystos Anesti
14.Bathing In Saltwater
16. Kyrie Eleison - Masallah

Title: Sunday Brunch Vol. 1
Label: Water Music Records

Release Date: 2003
1.Show Me Your Devotion (Bobby Caldwell with Marilyn Scott)
2.Sweet Side of Life (Oleta Adams)
3.Angels (Wax Poetic featuring Norah Jones)
4.Only Love (Cindy Alexander)
5.The Look of Love (Patti Austin)
6.Love Will Bring Us Back Around (Ricky Lawson)
7.N’ Love N’ Love (Anika Paris)
8.Sweet Praline (The Jazz Crusaders with Dionne Warwick)
9.I Miss You (Julia Messenger)
10.Everybody Knows (Julee Cruise)
11.Pledging My Love (Aaron Neville)
Title: Ruby Fruit Jungle
Label: Snatch Records
Artist: Ruby Fruit Jungle
Australia and Europe
1.Tell Me
5.To The Sea
6.Wild Things
7.Kaki Lambeh

Title: Dinner at Eight
Label: Water Music Records/ Varese Records

Release Date: April 1, 2003
1. Segretaria [Readymade 524 Mix] - Montefiori Cocktail
2. I' Art d' Arracher - Listen
3. Jazz Music [Strings Mix] [String Mix]
4. I Love You - Lemongrass
5. Please, Please, Please (Let Me Get What I Want) - Ohm Guru
6. Mind, Body and Soul
7. I Wake Myself [Org Lounge Remix] - Slowpho
8. Rhythm Music - France and Dom
9. Shine - Julee Cruise
10. Less Ugh! - ORG Lounge
11. Intercitydriver
12. Memphis [Wraparoundsound Remix] - Purple Penguin
13. Telepathy - Julia Messenger

Title: Deja Tunes 1 – The finest in Sunny Beats
Label: Moonray Records

Release Date: 2002
1.Kaleidoscope – Sonne
2.Deja Move – Summerrain
3.Marko Bokun – Breeze
4.Aaron Bingle – Nightdivers
5.Rothkirch con Satulay y Sharone – 12 Hours
6.Julia Messenger w/PFL – For the Love of You
7.Deja Moves meets Mr Yoshiaki – Across Waters
8.Wiemer/Orenstein – How are You
9.Toubab – Funky fish Batucada
10.Superpulse – Devious Cha cha
11.Space Clique – Continue the Journey
12.Aaron Bingle/Venomspace – Inner Oceanscene

Title: YOGAFIT Music for Active Yoga -Vol 4
Label: Water Music Records
Artist: Compilation

1. Environmentally Sound
2 . Blue Moon
3. Creeper
4. Spirit Up
5. Global Warming
6. Love Is The Leader
7. Myamisumi (Julia Messenger)
8. Carrosell
9. Es Paradis Remix
10. Two Blue Moons
11. Tone Poem

Title: Breakfast Club Paris
Label: Water Music Records
Release Year: 2005

“The Well” -- Lemongrass
“Coffee Coke” -- Of-Phazz
“Mind of the Wonderful” (Acoustic Version) -- Blank & Jones
“Daylight” -- Lazy
“Edge of Forever” -- Phobos
“Fluss” -- DIGITAL Jockey
“Wallow” -- France & Dom
“Lovetech” -- Slowpho
“Shiver” -- Julia Messenger
“Rainbow " -- Garry Judd
“Seems to Remind Me (Of Love)” -- Julee Cruise & Moodswings

Title: Global Destinations: Passport To The World.
Label :Water Music Records/ Varese Records/ Image Entertainment
Artist: Compilation

Release Date: 10/28/2003
1.Meu Amor - B-Floor
2.In My Soul - Phobos
3.Somewhere Far Away - Yang Xiao-Lin
4.You Can Stay - Camile V
5.Dies Irae - Dies Irae
6.Memories Of The Sea - Arnica Montana
7.Torweg - Digital Jockey
8.I Wake Myself - Slowpho
9.Yellow - Tonal Theory
10.Grand Isabelle - Kulisch/Vana
11.Into The Blue - Moodswings/Julee Cruise (bonus track)
12.Butterflies - Julia Messenger (ORG Lounge remix, bonus track)

Title: Spectrum Works - Evolution In Standard
Label: Nebula/ Inpartmaint Inc.
Artist: Markus Worgull feat. Julia Messenger

Style: Future Jazz, down - tempo
Europe/ Japan
1.Robert Nacken / It cloud be so easy
2.Karma / The balled of evil knievel
3.Otto Lamani / Verte Velle
4.Spectrum works / The 48 Hours of Lemans (Megashira rework)
5.Einzelgenger / Panamericana Montreux
6.Robert Nacken / Program Me
7.Kabuki / Lizard (Catalyst's Cineversions Pt1 Mix)
8.Marcus Worgull featuring Julia Messenger / Havin’ a Dsig
9.Kabuki / Eskimo
10.Karma / Jah HiFi!
11.Robert Nacken / What a sweet tonight

Title: Unique Club Culture
Artist: Markus Worgull
Label: Unique Records

Release Year: 2001
Format: 12” vinyl and CD

Title: Various Artists
Label: Water Music Records

Release Year: 2006
Genre: Ambient
1. Feel My Eyes - Pont Neuf
2. Myami Sumi - Julia Messenger vs Rubbasol
3. Desert Wind - Radiophonic
4.Somewhere - Vincent
5.Eau De Malte - Arnica Montana
6. Seems To Remind Me – Moodswings
7.Interlude No 1 - CeeMix
8.Blue Moon - Sinetone
9.Heaven - Electric Skychurch
10.Issigonis - ORG Lounge
11.I Miss You - Julia Messenger
12.The Beats Are - Deja Move
13.Aisha's Dream - Spacial

Title: 1001 Days
Artist: Ruby Fruit Jungle

Label: Snatch Records
Release Year: 1999
Europe and Australia
1. Kill Her Softly
2. I Miss You
3. Little Earth Turning
4. Fly Away
5. Falling
6. If You Could See
7. Listen
8. This Is It
9. Do I Know You
10. Meditate Harder
11. Wonder Woman

Title: Salz
Artist: Salz

Label: Salzmusic
Style:Techno, Minimal, Dub
Release Year: 2001
1 Curse - No More Summer
2. Uh UhFeaturing - Alexander Robotnick
3 Philippe Cam - Western
4. Solar Moon System - Outer Canal Street
5. Julia Messenger - Myamisumi
6. Razoof - Montego Bay
7. Solar Moon System - Untitled
8. Bolz Bolz - Transatlantic Treasure
9. Rubbasol Music Makes Me Feel Sexy
10 Razoof - I Just Wanna Thank God (Dub)
11 Salz - Melange Dub
Remix - Ko Lute

Various - Music Makes You Feel Sexy Vol. 2
Label: Subfrequency

Format: 12" Vinyl
Country: Germany
Released: 2001
A1 Salz vs. Rubbasol - Salty Music
A2 Mojo Tom vs. Rubbasol - Whiplash Music
B1 Razoof & O' Finken vs. Rubbasol - Sexy Dj Music
B2 Klaus Schulze vs. Rubbasol & Salz - Music Makes Me Feel Sexy (Venus Mix)
Vocals - Julia Messenger , Mojo Tom

Title: Departure lounge: World Grooves
Label: Petrol Records
Artist: Compilation

Release Date: 2006
1. Trip Thriller Jill presents Dannii Minogue
2. Un Mensaje Madrid de Los Austrias
3. Breathe Sunshine Dino Sofos feat. Delenta
4. Is There Knowledge Left Jeff Bennet's Lounge Experience
5. Follow With The Sun - Julia Messenger w/ Soul G & Tony Match
6. Leaving Monte Carlo Physics
7. Feeling The Sun Jefferson feat. Sarah – Jane
8. Movie Star (Rhahhpsody in Black remix by Discomobile) Concorde 9. Music Club
10. In Search Of Shingo Linky
11. Kiss Me Private Show
12. A Bierra Mar (Sao Benitez Lush Mix) Ive Mendes
13. Shakes Ye Ye
Title: Chilled Grooves
Label: Water Music Records
Artist: Compilation

Release Date: 06/04/2002
1 Squelch - Spigot, T.
2 Shangai Terminal - Electro Mana
3 Interlude No. 1 - Cee Mix
4 Foodnezz - Rubbasol
5 Julia Messenger w/ Chin Chillaz - Narcotix
6 Syrup - Patio
7 N - Rick
8 Johnny (Dubmariner Remix)
9 Moonlight - Sinetone
10 Montego Bay (TVS Remix) - Razoof
11 K - Org Lounge
12 I Can't Believe in Sweet - Ritual
13 X-Es - Cee Mix
14 Beats Are (Moonray Mix) - Deja Move
Title: Org Lounge – Has it come to This?
Label: Water Music Records
Distribution: Universal Music USA

Artist: ORG Lounge
Release Date: Jul 22. 2003
1. Musikkvennen - Hilde Drange
2. Amon D·r – feat. Sister Tone
3. Lokrev Aaraaki
4. K
5. Less Ugh!
6. Butterflies - Julia Messenger
7. Issigonis
8. Soon
9. Just Friends
10. Has It Come to This?
11. Mirror
12. Tristeste
13. Find a Cure for This
14. 33 Ejb

Title: Hotel Chill
Label: Water Music Records

Release Date: Feb 28, 2006
1. Mind Expansions- Kyoto Jazz Massive
2. Samba 1000 - Ursula 1000
3 In The Waiting Line
(Dorfmeister Con Madrid De Los Austrias Dub - Zero 7
4 Ballet Lane - Underworld
5 Sound Of The Samba (Masters At Work Main Mix) –
Victor Davies
6 Peg (Feat. Rob Buchta) - Radiophonic
7 Radio Sol - De-Phazz
8 Honey (Faze Action Dub) - Tosca
9 North Pole Transmission - FC Kahuna
10 Stiff Jazz - Dzihan & Kamien
11 Cosmic Odissey - Spacestar
12 Dance-all - Rene Breitbarth
13 In-laws (Envy Remix) - Emotive Blue

CD 2

1 La Segretaria (Readymade 524 Mix) - Montefiori Cocktail
2 L` Art D`arracher - Urban Chill
3 Jazz Music (Strings Mix) - De-Phazz
4 I Love You - Lemongrass
5 Please, Please, Please - Ohm Guru
6. Mind, Body & Soul - Hossegor
7 I Wake Myself (Org Lounge Remix) - Slowpho
8 Rhythm Music - France & Dom
9 Shine - Julee Cruise
10 Less Ugh! - Org Lounge
11 Intercitydriver - Map
12 Memphis (Wraparoundsound Remix) - Purple Penguin
13 Telepathy - Julia Messenger

Artist: Solarmoon Sound System
Label: Rainhorse
Title: Logbook 94-00

Distributor: Manikan Records
1. solar moon
2. another truth
3. (ocs intro - the way to mojo room)
4. outer canal street
5. yancooba's advice
6. bididang
7. the question
8. der bettler
9. love is the leader
10. kuechenloop
11. spirit catcher
12. (redemption song)
13. global warming
14. get me out of this dream
15. (one book after revelation)
16. running up that hill featuring Julia messenger
17. (rain ahead)

Title: Get Ready
Label: Ki Communication/Magoo Records
Artist: Soul G & Tony Match with others

France and USA
Format: DVD and CD
Release Date: 2004
1. Make Me Funky
2. Get Ready
3. An endless stream
4. Dream
5. Life is not…
6. Rocket Boyz
7. Follow with the Sun w/ Julia Messenger
8. Dee Bird
9. Lionheart
10. Actually Free

Title: Music Makes Us Feel Sexy – Remixes
Label: Subfrequency 001
Format: 12" Vinyl
Artist: Skip Rmx aka Julia Messenger
1. Rubbasol
2. Skip (Julia Messenger is ‘Skip’)

Title: Salz - The Remixes
Artist: Salz

Label: Salzmusic
Salz feat. Julia Messenger - Lover come back (Salz009 Ltd.)
Format: One sided 12"
Release Year: 2001
Label: Rainhorse
Artist: Klaus Schulze
Title 5 CD Box Set: Contemporary Works II

The essential 365 minutes
Release Year: 2002
Europe and USA

Individual Album Titles:

Another Green Mile
Timbres of Ice
Virtual Outback

2001/2002 at Moldau Studio, Hambühren. Final mixes in June/July 2002
First Release:
September 2002, on Rainhorse Records
Performed by:
Klaus Schulze (electronics, keyboards, guitar)
Wolfgang Tiepold (cello)
Thomas Kagermann (arabian flute, violin, vocals)
Julia Messenger (vocals)
Audrey Motaung (vocals)
Tobias Becker (oboe, english horn)
Mickes (guitar)
Total Time:

Androgyn - Klaus Schulze

1. In the Dimness of Light 12:47
2. Bach to the Future 28:02
3. There's No Mystery 4:37
4. Don't Ask the Question Why 5:08
5. The Passion Burns 4:22
6. This House Full of Shadows 20:43


Another Green Mile - Klaus Schulze

1. Between Twilight and Dawn 13:20
2. In the Streets, in the Rain 4:33
3. The Wisdom of the Leaves 12:27
4. The Story Does Unfold 12:05
5. Follow Me Down, Follow Me Down 28:46

Timbres of Ice

1. The Lonely Dead of Midnight 10.51
2. They Shut Him Out of Paradise 40:41
3. Die Prophezeihung erf¸llt sich 23:15

Virtual Outback - Klaus Schulze

1. The Theme: The Rhodes Elegy†65:0

Cocooning - Klaus Schulze

1. Easy Listening †26:11
2. And She is Kind and Gentle 12:01
3. I Just Have to Sing My Hymns 20:03
4. It still is now 2:17
5. Blowin' thru the high grass 6:20
6. Many dreams have faded in 1:29
7. Many fears have vanished 9:36
8. As the Years Went by 2:07