“Julia Messenger’s … dizzying force and passionate intensity of her voice, steers an unerring course between cruelty and cream.”
Sue Wilson, The Scotsman

“…Julia Messenger is widely considered to be one of the most inspiring musicians to ever come out of the studios of Australia…”
Elusive Disc

Julia Messenger is a highly acclaimed singer-songwriter with a distinctive vocal style that has captivated audiences worldwide. She has gained recognition for her exceptional range of tone, mood and emotion and has a busy career both in Australia and internationally. Messenger draws influences from a diverse range of artists, including Kate Bush, Carol King, and Ella Fitzgerald.

Messenger has a rare talent for crossing genres, and breaking boundaries into new ground. She graduated with a Bachelor of Music Degree from the Melbourne Conservatorium, where she studied Opera and was top of her class. She turned down an offer from the Victorian State Opera and chose to forge her path in music.

Messenger has been dubbed a 'world-class' singer by fans and the press. Her songs and productions have appeared on albums with famous names such as Amy Winehouse, Norah Jones, Joss Stone, Moby, and Goldfrapp. As a songwriter, singer, and producer, she has collaborated with legendary musicians such as Klaus Schulze, Ferry Corsten, and Kraftwerk.

In her early career, Messenger's voice gained the attention of the German Krautrock scene and caught the interest of the legendary Klaus Schulze of 'Alphaville' and 'Tangerine Dream.' She has recorded in the legendary Krautrock ‘Can’ studios in Germany, and Klaus Schulze is quoted as calling her voice ‘murder’. Her voice has also sparked the interest of ‘Kraftwerk’s’ Henning Schmitz, and one of their collaborations ‘Look Up Look Down’ was mentioned in the New York Times as one of the top 10 on the playlist for U.S. restaurants.

Messenger is known in the Electronic world as the 'Queen of Chill', as she is equally at home singing Jazz as she is with electronic music. Her voice has been compared to many artists, including Sade, Dido, and Norah Jones, although her style is unique.

Messenger is a prolific collaborator, having worked with numerous major artists, including Massive Attack sound engineer/mixer Jeremy Allom, Waldeck, and Ian Melrose of Clannad. Her music aims to create a connection with others, whether through melody or rhythm, and to help people feel less isolated.